Salma Hayek’s see-through dress leaves Channing Tatum speechless: “I have no comment”

萨尔玛·海耶克 (Salma Hayek) 在《魔力迈克的最后一支舞》的首映式上身穿透明连衣裙惊艳全场。 (照片:盖蒂图片社)
Salma Hayek stuns in a sheer dress at the premiere of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance”. (Photo: Getty Images)

Salma Hayek made a big splash at the premiere of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” on Wednesday night, wearing a completely sheer dress.

The 56-year-old took the Miami heat wave seriously with her choice of dress, flaunting black lingerie under a black fishnet dress with beautiful floral embroidery. The star also wore thick-soled gold heels and gold accessories to highlight the details.

Fans praised Hayek for looking “perfect” on the black carpet. (Photo: Getty Images)

Many noted that Hajek’s look was like a beach cover-up with a bikini underneath, which was appropriate for the premiere destination. The revealing nature of the costume was also appropriate considering the nature of the film.

“Do you know what time of day it was when I went to the office?” The actress recently asked Entertainment Tonight. “I would be sitting there watching, like, 12 guys, dancing and doing spins half naked. I’d have to direct them.”

On Wednesday night, the film’s star Channing Tatum ( Channing Tatum ) also gave his co-star her props.

“I don’t have any comment on the situation,” he told ET, almost blushing, referring to Hayek’s expression. “The actual clothes comment themselves.”

Hajek celebrated the night by posting a photo of her and Tatum together on her Instagram.

Naturally, reviewers praised her beautiful appearance.

“Like a good wine that gets better with age,” wrote one, while another commented, “[You] all look perfect.”

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